A shooting occurred at a Prague university, leaving at least 14 people dead and many more injured.


When a student opened fire at a university in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, at least 14 people were killed, according to authorities on Friday. Three foreign nationals were among the 25 wounded. Considered one of the worst attacks in recent memory in the Czech Republic was the mass shooting.


Across the river from Prague Castle and close to other historic locations in the charming city, such as the 14th-century Charles Bridge, the shooting broke out on Thursday afternoon at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

According to Minister Vit Rakusan, police in Prague worked through the night, and 13 of the fatalities have been identified. Three of the injured, he added, were foreign nationals: two were from Saudi Arabia and one was from the Netherlands.

The events that transpired at Charles University, our esteemed academic partner situated approximately one mile from our campus, have deeply saddened the faculty, staff, and students of the NC State European Center in Prague, Czechia.

All faculty and staff members who were enrolled at the European Center this fall, in addition to students from NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill, have been safely accounted for. It’s also safe for other students who are enrolled directly at partner universities in Prague.

The government decided at a special cabinet meeting with President Petr Pavel to declare December 23 to be a day of mourning throughout the country in central Europe in honor of the victims.

On December 23, people will observe a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the attack at Prague’s Charles University, with flags flying at half-mast.

As stated President Petr Pavel:

The needless loss of so many young lives is something I would like to express, along with my helpless anger,” Pavel said.

“To everyone who witnessed this horrific incident—the most tragic in Czech Republic history—I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the relatives of the victims.”

Police Chief Martin Vondrasek said:

“Pictures showed students barricading classrooms with desks and chairs, others perched on a ledge near the roof, and others fleeing the building with their hands raised in an attempt to hide from the attacker.

Following the tragic incident, Police Chief Martin Vondrasek informed the media, stating, “Regrettably, there are 14 individuals who have fallen victim to this dreadful crime, with an additional 25 sustaining injuries, 10 of them being of a severe nature.

The shooting occurred in the Charles University philosophy department building, where the gunman was a student, according to Prague Police Chief Martin Vondrasek. Authorities said the gunman had also passed away. His identity is still unknown.”

As a preventative measure, police announced on Friday that they have increased security at schools and other “soft targets,” which are typically public places that are challenging to secure. In addition, university rectors announced that they would collaborate with police specialists to develop more preventive measures to bolster campus security.

One of the injured, according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was a Dutch national.

One of the oldest universities in central Europe, founded in 1348, was the scene of candle-lighting outside.

Some information about the shooter-

The gunman, according to the chief, was a straight-A student with no criminal history. He claimed that the gunman had “devastating injuries,” but it was unclear if he had shot himself or had been shot and killed by police during a shootout.

Based on their home search, police claimed that the shooter legally possessed multiple firearms and that he was heavily armed at the time of the attack.https://citytimesnow.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3395&action=edit

Prague University

A private university located in Prague, the University of Prague holds accreditation from Pearson Education and Teesside University, two British institutions. The university is also acknowledged as a branch of an international university in the Czech Republic by the Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic. This university was established in 2004.

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