Tow Truck Driver Arrested for Illegal Towing Activities.

Image showing a tow truck parked near a gas station with the text "Illegal Towing Activities: Tow Truck Driver Arrested" overlaid.


Recent incidents involving illegal towing activities by tow truck drivers have raised concerns in various locations across the United States. In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and Bryan, Texas, individuals have been arrested for violating towing ordinances and causing property damage while attempting to retrieve towed vehicles. These incidents highlight the importance of adhering to towing regulations and the consequences of engaging in unauthorized towing practices.

Illegal Towing Activities in Spartanburg County, South Carolina:

In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, tow truck driver Christopher Michael Cole was arrested on charges of violating the county’s towing ordinance. Cole allegedly towed 11 trucks and trailers from a Spinx gas station near Greer, using the names of two different towing companies and storage lots in Wellford and Duncan. Following an investigation, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office obtained warrants for Cole’s arrest and urged potential victims to report any improper towing incidents.

Image showing a tow truck parked near a gas station with the text "Illegal Towing Activities: Tow Truck Driver Arrested" overlaid

Property Damage and Arrest in Bryan, Texas:

In Bryan, Texas, Lesly Matthew Benodin was arrested for criminal mischief and trespassing after attempting to retrieve his vehicle from a tow lot. Benodin allegedly jumped the fence of AMA Towing and drove his vehicle into the tow lot gate, causing significant damage.

Police responded to the scene after receiving reports of the incident, and Benodin was charged accordingly. The property owner estimated the damages to be approximately $5,000, and Benodin is currently held under bond.

Image showing a tow truck parked near a gas station with the text "Illegal Towing Activities: Tow Truck Driver Arrested" overlaid

Additional Information:

In Greer, South Carolina, Christopher Michael Cole, 47, of Simpsonville, was identified as the individual responsible for illegally towing vehicles from the Spinx gas station on Highway 14. Cole utilized two different tow company names and had storage lots in Wellford and Duncan. Investigators obtained warrants for Cole’s arrest, emphasizing the need for affected individuals to report incidents of improper towing to the authorities.

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The recent arrests of tow truck drivers in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and Bryan, Texas, underscore the importance of upholding towing regulations and preventing unauthorized towing activities. These incidents highlight the potential consequences of illegal towing, including criminal charges, property damage, and financial liabilities. Law enforcement agencies urge affected individuals to report instances of improper towing to ensure accountability and prevent further violations.

It is crucial for tow truck operators to adhere to towing ordinances and ethical practices to maintain the integrity of their profession and uphold public trust. Property owners should also take proactive measures to safeguard against unauthorized towing by implementing security measures and providing clear signage outlining towing policies.

As communities strive to address concerns related to towing practices, it is essential to promote awareness of towing regulations and empower individuals to exercise their rights when faced with towing-related issues.

By working together to uphold towing standards and protect the interests of both vehicle owners and property owners, we can foster a safer and more transparent towing environment for all stakeholders involved.



Q1. What are the consequences of illegal towing activities?

Engaging in illegal towing activities can result in criminal charges, fines, and property damage. Violators may face charges such as trespassing, criminal mischief, and violating towing ordinances, leading to legal consequences and financial liabilities.

Q2. How can individuals report incidents of improper towing?

Individuals who believe they have been victims of improper towing can file incident reports with local law enforcement agencies or the relevant authorities responsible for overseeing towing regulations. Providing detailed information and evidence of the incident can aid in investigations and enforcement actions.

Q3. What measures can property owners take to prevent unauthorized towing?

Property owners can implement security measures such as surveillance cameras, secure fencing, and access control systems to deter unauthorized individuals from towing vehicles from their premises. Additionally, displaying clear signage indicating towing policies and contact information for authorized towing companies can help inform vehicle owners and prevent misunderstandings.

Q4. What rights do vehicle owners have when their vehicles are towed?

Vehicle owners have rights protected by towing regulations, including the right to retrieve their vehicles upon payment of towing and storage fees. They also have the right to contest towing charges and file complaints if they believe the towing was improper or unauthorized. Understanding these rights and responsibilities can help vehicle owners navigate towing situations effectively.

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