Explore 10 captivating facts about the iconic dance moves and the magic behind the upcoming biopic.

Fact 1. Jaafar Jackson steps into the spotlight, ready to portray his iconic uncle in the much-anticipated biopic 'Michael.

Fact 2. Witness Jaafar's tribute to Michael's legacy through a black-and-white Instagram post, showcasing the iconic toe-stand move.

Fact 3. Meet Juliano Krue Valdi, the talented nine-year-old set to portray young Michael during the Jackson 5 era, capturing the early years of the King of Pop.

Fact 4. As principal photography begins, the countdown begins for the global release of 'Michael' on April 18, 2025, promising an exploration of Michael Jackson's genius.

Fact 5. Discover why Jaafar Jackson was chosen by producer Graham King, recognizing his natural embodiment of Michael's spirit, ensuring an authentic portrayal.

Fact 6. Explore the complexities surrounding Michael Jackson as the biopic unfolds, addressing controversies highlighted in 'Leaving Neverland.

Fact 7. When does 'Michael' release? A: Worldwide release on April 18, 2025.

Fact 8. Who portrays young Michael Jackson? A: Nine-year-old Juliano Krue Valdi captures the essence of Michael during the Jackson 5 era.

Fact 9. Why was Jaafar chosen for the role? A: Producer Graham King recognized Jaafar's natural embodiment of Michael's spirit, making him the perfect choice.

Fact 10. The stage is set, the cast is ready, and Jaafar Jackson stands poised to carry forward the Jackson legacy. Brace yourselves for the magic, music, and moves in 'Michael'—a cinematic masterpiece honoring the King of Pop.