10 Facts About Jennifer Lopez's This Is Me...Now Project.

Jennifer Lopez's clarifies love addiction rumors during an Australian radio interview, sharing insights about her upcoming two-part project.  

Fact 1

"This Is Me...Now: A Love Story" is directed by Dave Meyers, known for his work with top artists. It promises a unique narrative journey through JLo's eyes.

Fact 2

Fact 3

Lopez laughs off sex addict suggestions, emphasizing the importance of seeing beyond external perceptions. A playful twist to misconceptions!

Fact 4

Lopez  identifies herself as more of a love addict or workaholic. A glimpse into the artist's multifaceted personality beyond the spotlight. 

Fact 5

Lopez co-writes the film, describing it as a narrative-driven cinematic odyssey, blending mythology and personal healing.

Fact 6

A decade since her last album, JLo expresses that "This Is Me...Now" is her best work.  

Fact 7

The album completes a story, spanning from 2002's "This Is Me.. Then" to JLo's marriage with Ben Affleck. A narrative that mirrors real-life ups and downs.

Fact 8

Lopez and Affleck's romantic rollercoaster, from a 2004 split to a surprise Las Vegas wedding in 2022, echoes the twists of a romantic film. 

Lopez revelation: True love exists, and some things are forever. A message of hope and resilience from the heart of a global icon. 

Fact 9

Fact 10

The album features the sequel "Dear Ben Pt. II" and the dance-worthy single "Can't Get Enough." A musical treat for JLo fans worldwide!