10 Interesting Facts About Cillian Murphy's Film 'Small Things Like These.' 

Roman Catholic institutions ran horrific asylums from the 1820s to 1996, aiming to reform 'fallen young women.'


Meet Bill Furlong, played by Cillian Murphy, a devoted father and coal merchant who unravels startling secrets during Christmas 1985.



The film explores the enduring impact of Magdalene Laundries, particularly on those of a certain age, still processing the collective trauma.

Art serves as a potent remedy, with the book, a basis for the film, resonating widely in Ireland.


The narrative portrays irony as a Christian man, Bill Furlong, attempts a virtuous act in a dysfunctional Christian society. 



The film asks profound questions about complicity, silence, and shame, leaving audiences to ponder.


Small Things Like These' opens the Berlin Film Festival, competing for the prestigious Golden Bear.


Adapted from Claire Keegan's book, it follows 'Foster,' the basis for the Oscar-nominated Irish-language film The Quiet Girl.


Eileen Walsh, Michelle Fairley, and Emily Watson join Cillian Murphy in this impactful film, produced by Big Things Films and executive produced by Ben Affleck, Kevin Halloran, and Michael Joe for Artists Equity.