10 Pivotal facts about the monumental TKO Group and Netflix collaboration

Fact 1

TKO's stock leaps 20% with Netflix's colossal 10-year, $5 billion deal for WWE's 'Monday Night Raw.

Fact 2

The $5 billion deal marks a substantial increase from WWE's prior contract, securing exclusive 'Raw' rights for Netflix.

Fact 3

TKO Group's stock surges over 20%, responding to the annual $500 million 'Raw' rights fee, doubling previous revenues.

Fact 4

Dwayne Johnson partners strategically, offering promotional services and gaining ownership of 'The Rock' trademark.

Fact 5

Netflix steps into sports programming, diversifying its portfolio with a decade-long WWE deal, challenging norms.

Fact 6

Starting January 2025, Netflix becomes the exclusive U.S. home for 'Raw,' expanding globally, securing rights to WWE shows and events.

Fact 7

The monumental deal propels TKO Group's stock, signaling confidence in Netflix's foray into sports entertainment.

Fact 8

The Netflix agreement ensures WWE's global expansion, offering international fans premium content from 2025 onward.

Fact 9

TKO-Netflix deal, providing insights into this game-changing collaboration.

Fact 10

As TKO Group's stock skyrockets, and Netflix pioneers a transformative deal, the sports entertainment landscape undergoes a paradigm shift.