Chita Rivera Dies at 91: A Broadway Legend's Enduring Legacy

Chita Rivera, the legendary Broadway icon, passed away at 91, leaving a lasting legacy in musical theater.

From a tomboy in Washington, D.C., Rivera's journey to Broadway showcased her magnetic stage presence and triple-threat talent.

Breakout success in *West Side Story* in 1957 highlighted Rivera's athletic dancing, acting, and singing prowess.

Rivera seamlessly integrated singing, acting, and dancing, earning her the title of the first great Broadway triple threat.

Despite a serious 1986 taxi accident and doubts about dancing again, Rivera returned to the stage, adapting her performance style.

Governor Kathy Hochul recognized Rivera's role in breaking glass ceilings and paving the way for future performers.

Chita Rivera's legacy extends beyond the stage, inspiring aspiring performers, especially Latina women, with her authenticity, passion, and mastery.