Detroit Pistons' Overtime Battle Ends in 28th Consecutive Loss 

The Detroit Pistons faced the league-best Boston Celtics in a crucial game, seeking to evade a 28th straight loss and match the NBA's longest losing streak record.

Despite holding a season-high 21-point lead in the first half, the Pistons found themselves trailing 106-100 in the final minutes of regulation, setting the stage for a dramatic turnaround.

Jaden Ivey's remarkable performance, scoring six consecutive points, leveled the score, and a crucial putback by Bojan Bogdanovic sent the game into overtime.

In the overtime period, the Celtics outscored the Pistons, ultimately securing a 128-122 victory. 

Derrick White's pivotal role for the Celtics during overtime included contributing 10 of his 23 points, showcasing his importance in crucial moments.

Kristaps Porzingis also played a significant role, scoring six points in overtime, including a memorable dunk assisted by a full-court pass from Jayson Tatum.

Despite the Pistons' resilience, led by Cade Cunningham's 31 points and nine assists, they now share the longest losing streak record in NBA history with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Jaden Ivey's double-double, with 22 points and 10 rebounds, highlights the individual efforts and determination within the Pistons team.

The Pistons face a heart-wrenching reality, with one last chance for redemption against the Toronto Raptors at home on Saturday night. 

The outcome of the game against the Raptors will determine whether the Pistons break the record for the longest losing streak or manage to salvage their season with a hard-fought victory.