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Farewell to a Legend Remembering David McCallum's Impact on NCIS

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A tribute to David McCallum's iconic role as Ducky Mallard in NCIS.

David McCallum, the last original cast member, portrayed Ducky for two decades.

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Explore the episode 'The Stories We Leave Behind' – a poignant tribute to McCallum's contributions.

Despite the sadness, celebrate Ducky's rich life through memorable flashbacks with fellow team members.

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Honor Ducky's commitment to justice as the team embarks on one final case left unfinished.

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The episode pays homage to McCallum, co-written by Brian Dietzen, sharing insights into crafting a fitting farewell.

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Colleagues and fans reminisce about McCallum's dedication, professionalism, and infectious enthusiasm. 

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NCIS continues without McCallum, upholding his principles and values, a testament to his profound impact.

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David McCallum's legacy endures, bringing warmth, wisdom, and humanity to NCIS. Rest in peace, a true legend.

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As we bid farewell, cherish the stories David McCallum left behind and carry his memory forward with reverence and gratitude.