Henry Kissinger, Iconic Figure in US Foreign Policy, Passes Away at 100

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Iconic Statesman's Passing: 

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, and national security adviser, passed away at 100 at his Connecticut home.

Vietnam War Legacy:

Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in ending US military involvement in the Vietnam War, but controversy surrounds his decisions during this conflict.

Controversial Actions:

Criticized for the bombing of Cambodia and supporting a coup in Chile, Kissinger's legacy is marked by both accolades and condemnations.

Shuttle Diplomacy: 

Known for "shuttle diplomacy," Kissinger played a crucial role in separating Israeli and Arab forces after the 1973 Yom Kippur War in the Middle East.

Kissinger's approach to US-Soviet relations, termed "détente," eased tensions and led to significant arms control agreements, shaping the Cold War era.

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Détente and Arms Control: 

The divisive Vietnam War defined Kissinger's legacy, with criticism over the bombings of Laos and Cambodia and the rise of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Vietnam War's Lasting Impact:

After leaving the State Department in 1977, Kissinger remained influential through his writings, consultations, and a brief return to government service in 2002.

Post-Government Years:

Kissinger's personal life, public appearances, and even his nights at Studio 54 garnered attention, making him a figure beyond international diplomacy.

Legacy Beyond Politics:

Even in recent political discourse, Kissinger's name sparks debate, as seen in the 2016 Democratic presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Enduring Divisiveness: