Kelly Clarkson honors MLK Day with a soulful rendition of U2's 'Pride,' a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Commencing with rhythmic clapping, Kelly's performance unfolds the iconic 'One man come in the name of love' lines.

Soulfully singing, she takes flight into the powerful chorus, echoing the anthem's call for love and justice.

Accompanied by her band, Clarkson navigates the verse that intricately narrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy.

Correcting an earlier inaccuracy, she pays homage to King's enduring impact and the Lorraine Motel tragedy.

Urgently singing, 'Early evening, April four,' Clarkson captures the poignant moments of King's tragic fate.

Closing with a trademark powerful note, the performance resonates with a nation reflecting on MLK's legacy.

Kelly's tribute aligns with a day of reflection and service, echoing the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

Building on her Kellyoke legacy, this rendition adds another U2 classic to Clarkson's repertoire of powerful performances.

Through music, Kelly Clarkson continues to pay homage to meaningful moments, as seen in her previous U2 covers.