Cannes Drama Unveiled

Director Maiwenn's clash with journalist Edwy Plenel sparks legal repercussions.

A Paris Court's Verdict

Maiwenn fined €400 for 'voluntary violence' during the Cannes incident.

Restaurant Altercation

The clash unfolded as Maiwenn allegedly spat on journalist Edwy Plenel.

Plenel's Police Complaint

Journalist Edwy Plenel filed a complaint, triggering a legal showdown.

Symbolic €1 Penalties

Maiwenn must pay €1 to Plenel and €1,500 to Mediapart for moral prejudice.

"Maiwenn's Admission

Director acknowledges spitting but criticizes Mediapart's coverage.

Mediapart's Role

Maiwenn expresses dissatisfaction with Mediapart, citing 'moral rape.

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Personal Testimony

Publication of Maiwenn's testimony on her relationship adds complexity.

Impact on Maiwenn

Director stands firm, neither apologizing nor regretting her actions.

Legal Closure

A nuanced end to the legal saga, emphasizing personal experiences.