Norman Lear Pioneer of TV Revolution Passes at 101 

Norman Lear, the visionary behind groundbreaking TV shows, including "All in the Family," passed away at 101.

Lear revolutionized prime-time television, infusing sitcoms with political and social commentary, setting a new standard for the industry. 

Beyond entertainment, Lear was a prominent liberal activist, founding People for the American Way and championing progressive causes. 

Lear's shows, like "Good Times" and "Sanford & Son," not only entertained but also addressed societal issues, earning critical acclaim and popularity.

Lear's successful ventures, from T.A.T. Communications to Embassy Communications, showcased his prowess beyond TV.

Lear's commitment to diverse storytelling, as seen in "Good Times," reflected a pioneering spirit in promoting inclusivity.

Inducted into the TV Hall of Fame, Lear's contributions were celebrated with a National Medal of Arts and an Emmy.