Discover the recent shift as Seahawks' Head Coach Pete Carroll transitions to an advisory role, concluding a 14-season coaching era. A thoughtful decision shaping the team's future. 

Uncover Pete Carroll's historic impact on the Seahawks, the winningest coach in franchise history. Explore milestones and the lasting impression on the team and community.

Highlight Carroll's emphasis on consistency and success, leading the Seahawks to five NFC West titles, 10 playoff appearances, and a historic Super Bowl victory in 2013. 

Discover Carroll's coaching ethos fostering a positive culture through relationships, care for individuals, setting the Seahawks apart as a model franchise.

Acknowledge challenges in Carroll's later coaching years. Despite remarkable achievements, recent seasons fell short, prompting frustration and a call for improvement

Witness Carroll's emotional farewell, reflecting on the honor of being part of the Seahawks. Expressing pride in team consistency, his departure marks the end of an era.

Explore Carroll's shift from head coach to advisor. Despite a desire to continue coaching, his acceptance of the new role ensures leadership and championship culture stay integral to the Seahawks.

Seahawks embark on a new chapter, eyeing a new head coach like Dan Quinn. Committed to preserving Carroll's positive culture, the search intensifies.

Reflect on Carroll's departure, acknowledging the end of a remarkable era. His legacy, beyond wins and losses, shapes a culture of care and excellence. Seahawks carry these lessons forward, eyeing continued NFL success.