Shakira's Monumental Tribute

Explore the unveiling of Shakira's 21-foot bronze statue in Barranquilla. A celebration of her artistry, resilience, and inspiring journey

"The 21-foot bronze statue perfectly captures Shakira's signature pose, immortalizing the dynamic energy that has made her a global sensation. A tribute to her musical legacy and vibrant spirit."

Signature Pose Unveiled

The statue's base holds a plaque celebrating Shakira's multifaceted talents. A poetic tribute to her heart that composes, hips that do not lie, and a voice that moves masses. A symbol of her commitment to humanity

Heartfelt Tribute Plaque 

Overwhelmed with emotion, Shakira, 46, took to social media to express gratitude. Her joy at having her parents present on her mother's birthday adds a personal touch to this monumental occasion

Shakira's Emotional Thanks

Yino Marquez, the sculptor, revealed the intricate process involving over 30 collaborators who worked for five months. Shakira's dress transformed into aluminum waves, symbolizing her connection to Barranquilla. 

Yino Marquez's Artistry 

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo emphasizes that the statue is a message to Barranquilla's youth. They can dream big, achieve, and follow in Shakira's footsteps, turning dreams into reality in the Colombian Caribbean.

Mayor Pumarejo's Vision

Facing legal hurdles, including a tax fraud trial, Shakira's resilience prevails. Her journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, underscores her unwavering commitment to her craft

Shakira's Resilience

Shakira's musical prowess is celebrated with three Grammy Awards and an impressive 14 Latin Grammys. Her impact on the music industry solidifies her position as the 'Queen of Latin Music.

Shakira's Grammy Legacy

More than a statue, it's a symbol of inspiration for future generations. Shakira's monument in Barranquilla stands tall, reminding everyone that dreams can turn into lasting legacies.

A Symbol for Generations

In conclusion, Shakira's bronze statue is not just a tribute—it's a testament to enduring impact. This celebration of her journey adds a new chapter to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Barranquilla

Shakira's Enduring Impact