Top 8 facts about Princess Kate's surgery & King Charles III's health journey.

Princess Kate, 42, undergoes successful abdominal surgery; a two-week recovery expected.

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Fact 2

King Charles III, 75, to undergo a benign prostate procedure, advocating for men's health.

Fact 3

Both apologize for postponements, recognizing public interest and understanding.

Fact 4

Princess Kate's 10-14 days in hospital, expected return post-Easter; Prince William by her side.

Fact 5

Kate and William's journey from St Andrews to a resilient royal partnership.

Fact 6

King Charles III openly discusses diagnosis, encourages men to prioritize health.

Fact 7

Recent health updates underscore royal vulnerability, highlighting public support's crucial role.

Fact 8

Royal resilience shines as Kate and King Charles III navigate health challenges. #RoyalHealthFacts