10 thrilling facts about Top Gun 3 Glen Powell shares exclusive insights, from behind-the-scenes talks to major announcements.

Glen Powell's Enthusiastic Updates: Dive into the latest on Top Gun 3 as Powell shares his excitement and teases upcoming announcements.

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Powell hints at confidential talks with Joseph Kosinski, Tom Cruise, and Jerry Bruckheimer. What surprises are in store?

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Paramount's Commitment - Explore the background of Top Gun 3 with Paramount's dedication and Ehren Kruger reportedly penning the script

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Meet the Minds Behind Top Gun 3 - Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison join forces to produce this highly-anticipated film.

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Will Kosinski Helm Again? - Speculations arise as Joseph Kosinski, director of Top Gun: Maverick, may return for Top Gun 3.

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A Cinematic Partnership - Learn about Tom Cruise's collaboration with Warner Bros. for 'original and franchise theatrical films.

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Top Gun 3 in Focus - Cruise's next venture unfolds post-Mission: Impossible 8, making Top Gun 3 a priority.

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Discover how Top Gun 3 gains momentum without a set release date, creating heightened anticipation.

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Relive the Classics - While awaiting Top Gun 3, enjoy the classics on Paramount+ and Prime Video. Top Gun: Maverick also available on MGM+.