10 Things About Toyota's Electric Future 

10 Things About Toyota's Electric Future 

Carbon Neutrality Vision 

Carbon Neutrality Vision 

Toyota aims for full carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040, setting a robust sustainability standard.

Facility Pioneers 

European facilities target carbon neutrality by 2030, aligning with Toyota's eco-friendly mission.

Electrified Europe

Toyota's current electrified mix stands at 71%, with projections to hit 75% next year, driving the transition to electric mobility.

Diversity in Carbon Reduction 

Commitment to diverse carbon reduction technologies, demonstrating Toyota's dedication to offering environmentally conscious choices.

Futuristic Models Unveiled

Futuristic Models Unveiled

Toyota introduces plans for an Urban SUV and a Sport Crossover, signaling a leap into Europe's largest EV market segments

Next-Gen Batteries 

Toyota envisions batteries post-2026 with doubled range and a 20% cost reduction, driving efficiency and affordability.

Navigating U.S. Regulatory Changes

Recent U.S. regulations challenge EV costs, urging a potential reshaping of the supply chain, highlighting the importance of domestic sourcing for economic and national security.

Solid-State Battery Breakthrough

Toyota's progress in solid-state batteries promises faster charging and a sustainable shift away from lithium, addressing supply chain challenges and environmental concerns.