Apollo Global: From Growth to Culture Shift – Hiring 350 in 2023

Image of Apollo Global's office showcasing a diverse and collaborative work environment.


We will delve into the evolution of employment practices at Apollo Global, shedding light on the firm’s transformation from a historically growth-driven organization to one that prioritizes employee well-being and collaboration. Through recent hiring initiatives, strategic focus areas, and cultural shifts under the leadership of CEO Marc Rowan, Apollo Global has positioned itself as a frontrunner in offering a fulfilling and rewarding career experience.

Apollo Global From historical development to evolving work culture

Image of Apollo Global's office showcasing a diverse and collaborative work environment.

If you’re seeking a career in finance, you might have heard of Jane Street, known for its rapid expansion and generous compensation. However, if you’re not a developer or a quant, another option worth considering is Apollo Global. This buy-side firm has undergone significant changes in its employment practices, making it an intriguing choice for job seekers.

Big Hiring and Strategic Focus

During a recent investor call, Apollo’s CFO Martin Kelly revealed that the firm hired 350 new employees last year, marking an approximate 9% increase in its workforce. Notably, these hires were evenly distributed between North America, Europe, and Mumbai, highlighting the firm’s global expansion efforts.

Looking ahead to 2024, Apollo plans to continue its hiring spree in a targeted manner, with a focus on scaling origination, expanding high net worth coverage, and exploring new product opportunities. CEO Marc Rowan emphasized the firm’s extraordinary growth since 2008, boasting a 14x increase, surpassing even tech giants like Apple and Microsoft.

Transitioning Work Culture

While Apollo has experienced remarkable growth, it has also undergone significant cultural shifts. Previously known for its demanding work environment, characterized by long hours and intense pressure, the firm has adapted to address employee concerns and foster a more balanced workplace.

Image of Apollo Global's office showcasing a diverse and collaborative work environment.

Reports indicate that under Rowan’s leadership, there has been a notable reduction in micromanagement and an increase in diversity, making Apollo a more attractive and inclusive place to work. Private equity head-hunters confirm this trend, noting that the firm now attracts individuals with a more collaborative and supportive mindset.

However, some former and current associates have expressed differing opinions regarding the work culture at Apollo. Despite efforts to improve work-life balance, accounts of long work hours and high levels of stress persist among certain employees.

Industry Recognition and Areas for Improvement

Despite ongoing changes, Apollo Global has garnered recognition as one of the top private capital employers. However, industry surveys suggest that the firm may lag behind its competitors in terms of employee well-being and work-life balance.

While Apollo has yet to comment on these findings, it is evident that the firm remains committed to evolving its employment practices to better align with the needs and expectations of its workforce.


Q 1. What sets Apollo Global apart from other financial firms?

Apollo Global distinguishes itself through its history of rapid growth and its recent efforts to improve its work culture, making it an attractive option for job seekers in the finance industry.

Q 2. How has Apollo’s hiring strategy evolved in recent years?

Apollo has shifted towards a more targeted hiring approach, focusing on specific regions and areas of expertise such as origination and high net worth coverage.

Q 3. What changes have been observed in Apollo’s work culture under Marc Rowan’s leadership?

Under Rowan’s leadership, Apollo has transitioned to a more inclusive and collaborative work environment, with less micromanagement and increased diversity.

Q 4. Are there still concerns about work-life balance at Apollo Global?

While efforts have been made to improve work-life balance, some employees continue to report long hours and high levels of stress, highlighting areas for further improvement within the firm.

In conclusion, Apollo Global has undergone a remarkable transformation in its employment practices, transitioning from a culture of relentless growth to one that prioritizes employee well-being and inclusivity. The firm’s strategic hiring initiatives, coupled with its commitment to fostering a balanced work environment under Marc Rowan’s leadership, have positioned it as an attractive option for job seekers in the finance industry. While challenges such as work-life balance persist, Apollo’s ongoing efforts to address these issues demonstrate its dedication to creating a supportive and fulfilling workplace for its employees.

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