Apple Music Replay 2023: The service releases its final charts of the year.

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Apple Music Replay was officially released on November 28, one day ahead of its competitor Spotify Wrapped’s year-end offering.

Apple Music has a unique present for its subscribers as the year draws to a close. Apple Music Replay 2023 now allows you to view your listening statistics for music. You can view the artists, albums, and songs that you have listened to the most this year with this feature.

Apple Music is one of the greatest music-streaming apps available; at the end of the year, users can enjoy the Apple Music Replay experience, which displays your listening history from the previous year. Using this feature is a great way to assess your taste in music and discover new songs and artists that you may not have heard of this year. Spotify Unwrapped is a similar tool that is available to Spotify users.

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When did Apple Music launch Replay?

Apple released Replay in 2019, but it underwent a significant redesign last year that significantly improved its similarity to Spotify Wrapped. The numbers shown in Apple Music Replay, however, aren’t as appealing to share online and aren’t directly accessible within the Apple Music app, in contrast to Wrapped, which provides a collection of extremely shareable charts. Still accessible through the Apple Music app is your 2023 Replay playlist.

Apple Music Replay, a reimagining of Spotify’s end-of-year campaign, was unveiled on November 29 of last year. Much of the listening data that Spotify offers is also included in Apple’s feature, such as the user’s favourite songs, albums, artists, and genres from the entire year.

Like Spotify Apple Music Replay 2023, which is tailored for Spotify users, gathers the years’ worth of listening data from Apple Music subscribers, including the most popular songs, artists, albums, and minutes listened to.

How to access your 2023 Apple Music Replay.

The easiest way to access Apple Music Replay is through the Apple Music app on your iPhone or Android device. But keep in mind that the steps are still the same for Android phones such as the Google Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Step 1: On your device, first launch the Apple Music app.

Step 2: Go to the Check Your Progress section of the Listen Now page, scroll down, and choose Replay. You will now be able to access the Apple Music Replay website on your device:

Step 3: In the middle of the screen, tap Jump In. To log in, use the Apple ID that is associated with your Apple Music membership.

Step 4: After that, select Play Your Highlight Reel to begin enjoying your Apple Music Replay 2023.

Step 5: To find out more about your year in review, tap Explore Your Dashboard after viewing and listening to your Apple Music Replay 2023. This summary includes the total time you spent listening to music, along with your favourite artist, album, genre, and song.

By finding the Listen Now tab, navigating to the Replay section, tapping the Replay ’23 playlist, and then choosing the plus button in the upper right corner, Apple Music users can access the Replay ’23 playlist on the app all year long. Following that, Apple Music subscribers can listen to their Replay ’23 in the Playlists section of their library at any time of the year.

How to access the playlists you have on Apple Music Replay.

Using the app on your smartphone, Apple Music gives you access to your annual and historical playlists of the songs you’ve listened to the most.

Step 1: Select the Listen Now tab after launching the Apple Music app.

Step 2: In the section labelled Replay: Your Top Songs by Year, scroll down and select the year you would like to hear again. Take a listen to the playlist.

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