Travis Hunter’s Injury:

Star player Travis Hunter of the Colorado Buffaloes got hurt in a game against Colorado State due to a hard hit. He has a liver injury and will be out for about three to four weeks.

The injury isn’t too serious, and it should heal on its own.

Update on Travis Hunter’s Injury

After Saturday’s game, Coach Sanders mentioned that his standout player, who excels both on offense and defense, will be sidelined for a few weeks. He mentioned that they’re still awaiting more updates, but it’s clear that Travis will be away from the field for an extended period.

In his press conference, Coach Sanders expressed his concern for Travis’ well-being, saying, “We’re going to do everything we can to take care of him. I know Travis well, and he might want to return in two weeks, but we must prioritize his health over the game.

Concern for Colorado Football Sensation Travis Hunter as He’s Rushed to the Local Hospital During a Thrilling Match Against Colorado State on a Saturday, as Reported by ESPN.

Hunter, a versatile athlete who shines both in offense and defense for his team, experienced an unfortunate injury while performing his role as a wide receiver early in the game.

In the first quarter of the match, Hunter endured a tough collision with CSU’s safety player, Henry Blackburn, which left him down on the field. The team’s dedicated trainers immediately rushed to provide him with the necessary care. Thankfully, the officials rightly penalized Blackburn for his actions, emphasizing player safety. Hunter made a valiant return to the game briefly, showing his determination, but eventually, the decision was made to remove him from the field and transport him from the stadium for further evaluation.

It’s not entirely clear if the hit by Blackburn was the cause of Hunter exiting the game and needing medical attention. However, this particular play was just one of many moments that showcased the passionate spirit of the local rivalry game. Buffaloes’ quarterback Shedeur Sanders even confronted Blackburn in defense of his teammate following the collision.

Travis Hunter played a significant role in Colorado’s team after the school brought in Deion Sanders as the head coach through the transfer portal. He initially committed to playing for Coach Sanders at Jackson State, top-rated five-star cornerback. Hunter made the choice to continue his journey with Coach Sanders by joining the Buffaloes for this season.

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