Seahawks’ Pete Carroll Departs as Head Coach After 14 Seasons, Assumes Advisory Role in Seattle

Pete Carroll

In a recent announcement by Seahawks Chair Jody Allen, Pete Carroll, the iconic coach who led the Seattle Seahawks for 14 seasons, is set to transition from head coach to an advisory role within the organization. This decision comes after thoughtful discussions and careful consideration for the best interests of the franchise.

The Legacy of Pete Carroll:

Pete Carroll

During his tenure, Carroll became the winningest coach in Seahawks history, achieving numerous milestones and leaving an indelible mark on the team and the community.

He guided the Seahawks to five NFC West titles, 10 playoff appearances, and a historic Super Bowl victory in 2013.

Emphasizing Consistency and Success:

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll’s impact was characterized by consistency and success, with the Seahawks boasting a winning record in 11 of the 14 seasons under his leadership.

The pinnacle of their success was the 2013 Super Bowl, where they dominated the Denver Broncos with a memorable 43-8 victory.

A Culture of Care and Relationship-Building:

Beyond on-field achievements, Carroll’s coaching philosophy focused on building a positive culture.

He believed in a relationship-based approach, emphasizing the importance of caring for individuals and creating an environment where players felt valued both as people and athletes.

This unique culture contributed to the team’s success and set the Seahawks apart as a model franchise.

Challenges and Frustrations:

Despite the remarkable achievements, the latter part of Carroll’s coaching era faced challenges. The team experienced a plateau in performance, with recent seasons falling short of the high expectations set by their earlier success.

Carroll expressed frustration with the team’s inability to make a deeper impact in the playoffs and acknowledged the need for improvement.

An Emotional Farewell of Pete Carroll:

In an emotional farewell news conference, Carroll reflected on the thrill and honor of being part of the Seahawks program. He expressed pride in the level of consistency the team demonstrated and conveyed gratitude for the opportunity to coach.

Carroll’s departure marks the end of an era, leaving a legacy that will be challenging for any future coach to match.

Transition to Advisory Role:

While Carroll initially desired to continue as the head coach, he has accepted the transition to an advisory role with the organization.

The specifics of his new role are yet to be determined, but it is clear that his expertise in leadership and championship culture will remain an integral part of the Seahawks.

Looking Ahead:

As the Seahawks embark on a new chapter, attention turns to the search for a new head coach. Potential candidates, including former Seahawks assistant Dan Quinn, are already being considered. The organization remains committed to maintaining the positive culture instilled by Carroll and building on the foundation he laid over the past 14 years.


Pete Carroll’s departure from the head coaching position marks the end of a remarkable era for the Seattle Seahawks. His legacy extends beyond the wins and losses, encompassing a culture of care, positive relationships, and a commitment to excellence. As the Seahawks navigate this transition, they carry forward the lessons and values imparted by Carroll, aiming to continue their journey of success in the NFL.

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