Haley Surges with 10-Point Boost in New Hampshire Poll as Trump Faces Decline.



In the recent Iowa debate, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley drew attention by repeatedly directing viewers to a fact-checking website aimed at countering what she called Ron DeSantis’s “lies.” This article dives into the nuances of Haley’s fact-checking strategy, examines her surge in polls, and explores the potential challenges she may face as a Republican alternative to Donald Trump.

Haley’s Fact-Checking Website: A Political Tool


Nikki Haley’s fact-checking website, Desantislies.com, emerged as a prominent feature during the Republican presidential debate. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the website serves more as a political project than an unbiased fact-checking initiative.

According to Bill Adair, creator of PolitiFact, it falls into the realm of campaign propaganda rather than objective fact-checking.

While the website touches on independent fact-checking, it lacks the precision of directly quoting Ron DeSantis or specifying the comments being rebutted. This approach raises questions about the website’s credibility, as it labels certain statements as “lies” without necessarily containing checkable facts.

Nikki Haley’s Stand on Gender-Transition Care

One notable claim on Desantislies.com revolves around gender-transition care. The website asserts that Ron DeSantis falsely claims Nikki supports gender-changing surgeries for minors.

However, it also highlights Haley’s opposition to such procedures and puberty blockers for minors, a stance she has articulated multiple times.

The article sheds light on the complexity of this issue, mentioning a comment made by Haley in June, not included on her website, suggesting that the law should not regulate gender-transition care. This context provides a more comprehensive understanding of the debate.

Nikki Haley’s Poll Surge and the Presidential Race

Recent polls depict Nikki Haley taking the lead over Ron DeSantis in Iowa, just days before the caucuses. Despite this momentum, both candidates still trail the frontrunner, Donald Trump.

The Suffolk University poll reveals Trump’s continued dominance with 54% of voters choosing him as their first choice.

While Haley performs strongly with moderate and liberal-leaning independents, the article emphasizes the challenges she faces in overcoming Trump’s substantial support.

The polls also indicate a surge for Haley in New Hampshire, raising expectations for her performance in the upcoming primaries.

The Unpredictable Nature of Modern Politics

Reflecting on the last quarter-century of presidential elections, the article highlights the evolving political landscape.

Traditional voting habits and polling accuracy have proven unreliable, creating an environment where conventional wisdom may not apply.

The GOP primary, once considered predetermined, now presents uncertainties.

Nikki Haley’s Potential Path to Victory


The article explores a potential path to victory for Nikki, starting with the Iowa caucuses.

Her success hinges on securing a solid second- or third-place finish, potentially sounding the death knell for Ron DeSantis and holding Trump to under 50 percent.

Drawing parallels with past candidates like Marco Rubio, the article outlines the significance of strong showings in critical states.

Super Tuesday and Beyond: The Decisive Moment

The road ahead for Nikki  leads to Super Tuesday, a pivotal moment where the GOP determines if she can emerge as the viable Trump alternative.

While acknowledging the challenges in Southern Trump strongholds, the article speculates on Haley’s ability to accumulate delegates and sustain her campaign beyond Super Tuesday.

Conclusion: Nikki Historic Run

In conclusion, Nikki’s presidential campaign represents a significant leap for Republican women. Despite the historical precedent of no Republican woman winning a presidential primary or caucus, Haley’s surge poses a potential challenge to Donald Trump’s frontrunner status. As the campaign unfolds, her promise of a return to normalcy resonates with voters, positioning her as a drama-free alternative to the unconventional leadership of former President Donald Trump.

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